Grilling Steak

Brandon Tidwell works with early-stage technology companies at Signal Peak Ventures in Utah. Outside of work, Brandon Tidwell enjoys preparing home-cooked meals. Among his favorite preparations is grilling New York strip steaks.

New York Magazine recently published a feature titled “How to Grill the Perfect Steak.” When shopping for a steak to grill, the article suggests finding a cut of meat that offers the most marbling. The term “marbling” refers to the visible lines of fat running throughout meat. As the meat cooks, the fat slowly melts away, leaving the steak tender and moist. Additionally, marbling enhances the flavor of steak.

Steak cooks best when it is at room temperature. After the meat has been allowed to sit outside of the refrigerator to reach room temperature, the cook should heat a grill on high. As the grill heats, the meat should be lightly brushed with oil or butter and seasoned with salt and pepper.

The steak can then be placed on the grill to until one side is golden brown and slightly charred and then flipped to grill on the other side. It is important to only flip the steak a maximum of three times, grilling each side twice, as fussing with the meat can cause it to lose much of its juice and become dry.